Unto Him

"Don't shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him."
CS Lewis


Our History

“Unto Him” started as a simple family community service project, inspired by the book “A Cup Of Cold Water in His Name – 60 Ways to Care For The Needy”, by Lorie Newman.

I heard Lorie interviewed about her book on “Focus On The Family” in April of 2015.  I was so inspired by the interview that I purchased the book.  My family and I started using Lorie’s book as a guide to engage in creative ways to serve people in need in our community every Sunday after church.  Soon others started hearing about what our family was doing, and asked if their families could join us.

In June of 2016 we decided to formally start scheduling community service projects - starting with a dinner serving at a local downtown Indianapolis mission for homeless men - under the name of “Unto Him”.  Since then “Unto Him” has had over 120 people volunteer to serve thousands of people in need throughout central Indiana.

Our volunteers are made up of everyday people - transcending gender, race, denomination, church affiliation, and social economic status – all with one commonality: our love for the Lord, and our desire to please Him by serving those in need in our community.

As our number of volunteers continues to rapidly grow by the month, so does the reach, depth, and breadth of those in need that we are able to serve.

Our 2016 Accomplishments

Our 2016 In-kind Support

9 Wheeler Mission Friday dinner servings:

  • Served approximately 1,593 homeless men

6 Family Promise breakfast and dinner servings, through 3 churches (St Luke’s United Methodist, Orchard Park Presbyterian, and All Souls Unitarian):

  • Served approximately 102 homeless men, women, and children

85 food tote cases, through 2 schools (Lawrence North HS and Horizon Christian school), and 5 individuals:

  • Served 85 students in need

38 bags of Thanksgiving groceries:

  • Delivered to 19 families in need

170 Thanksgiving hot dinners

  • Delivered to 170 people in need

Riley Children’s Hospital, through “Girls into GODLY Women” (giGW):

  • Purchased and delivered 20 toys

Approximately 570 toys and clothing items purchased as Christmas gifts:

  • Serving 76 children in need

Boys Unto Him Summer Basketball program & devotional

  • Served 25 boys, grades 4 - 7

Our 2016 Financial Support

  • $750 Financial donations to 2 families in need – to serve 8 additional children in need during Christmas
  • $1,000 Financial donation for funeral service cost for 3-year-old Olivia – to serve the Miniear family
  • $600 donation to Family Promise Day Center to repair AC unit
  • 9 cases of pampers donated to the Family Promise Day Center for homeless women with infant children
  • $150 in Kroger gift certificates for families in need
  • $1,130 to support various individuals and families with various needs

Our Community Partners

Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis

St Luke’s United Methodist church

Orchard Park Presbyterian church

All Souls Unitarian church

New Revelation Christian church

Castleview Baptist church

Northview church

Lawrence Township schools

Horizon Christian school

Meijer Southport Rd Store

Brookside Community Church

Castleton United Methodist church

Trader’s Point Christian church

White River Christian church

Angel Tree Ministries

giGW Ministries

WePower Ministries

Circle of Trust Ministries

Alexander & Associates

Recycle Force Inc.

Indianapolis Public Libraries

Shepherd Community Center

Crown Mentoring

Sunshine  Catering

Wheeler Mission

Beason Family

Cureton Family

Street Rebirth

Operation Leftover